Legend has it that Alexander Graham Bell's secret laboratory containing mysterious treasures is hidden beneath the school, and the entrance is somewhere in the old library - now used as the detention room. Three nerds: Raign, Joy, and Hulk have to do what they've never done before - get in trouble so they can search the detention room for the hidden entrance. The problem: detention is the perpetual home of Brett, the school bully that's always picking on them. The four must overcome their differences and use science to navigate the mysterious tunnels and open hidden passages in search of fame, fortune, and friendship while trying to discover the fabled lost laboratory of Alexander Graham Bell.

Country:  Canada

Director: Joe Kicak
Writers:  Joe Kicak, Carmen Albano , Karen Moore
Producers: Lauren Corber, Ryan West, Joe Kicak, Carmen Albano, Karen Moore

Director of Photography: Jordan Oram
Cast: Simone Miller, Tomaso Sanelli, Jack Fulton, Alina Prijono


Women talking openly about their sexuality via one actress. All stories are based on real anonymous interviews. A new web series created entirely by Israeli women, each episode with a different female team.

Country:  Israel
Directors:  Dana Lerer, Michal Gassner, Ilana Reina, Limor Shmila, Tal Brenner
Writer:  Based on True Interviews with women
Producer:  Nili Tserruya, Linor Lavi

All crew members are female
Cast: Nili Tserruya

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SAVE ME drops us into random lives, mid-sentence. We get to know people through storylines that unravel with humour and pathos and a built-in ticking time bomb – that one of them at some point will be blindsided by a medical emergency. And all of it is rooted in the on-going stories of our regular cast of paramedics who come to the rescue.

Country:  Canada
Director:  Fab Filippo
Writer:  Fab Filippo
Producers:  Lisa Baylin, Jonas Diamond, Fab Filippo
Cast:  Amy Matysio, Suresh John, Nicola Correia-Damude, Emily Hampshire, John Bourgeois, Kevin Hanchard, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Rebecca Liddiard, Andrew Phung

Director bio:  Fab is an award-winning actor, screenwriter, playwright and director. Most recently he wrote and directed the critically acclaimed and award-winning series for CBC called Save Me, which was nominated for 5 CSA awards. Other accolades include ToWebfest Best Comedy Award, Best Comedy Award at the NYC Web Fest and was nominated for a Webby for best comedy alongside The Daily Show, and Jimmy Kimmel. He has over 20 episodes of true crime under his belt as a director and is currently in development with multiple projects for Canadian Prodcos, as well as developing a staged musical based on New York Times best seller, The Asshole Survival Guide. Before that, he sold a new half-hour for 20th Century Fox. As a playwright, he was most recently nominated for a Dora Award for his play The Summoned. Before that he was on staff as writer and co-produced NBC’s comedy Working The Engels, co-wrote true crime indie Perfect Sisters starring Abigail Breslin and Mira Sorvino and co-wrote Lifetime movie Too Late To Say Good-Bye starring Rob Lowe. He also co-created and directed half-hour Showcase and ABC hit comedy Billable Hours in which he starred. As an actor you might also know him from such projects as Lives Of The Saints starring opposite Sophia Loren, indie hit waydowntown, or as Ethan Gold in the groundbreaking Showtime series Queer As Folk. He is often recognized for an acting stint on the hit Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Haunted by guilt and on thin ice at work, a disillusioned illustrator is pushed to the edge of sanity when his latest drawing springs off the page, splattering his monochrome world with color.

Country:  United States
Director:  Lynnsey Ooten
Writer:  Brandon Garegnani
Producers:  Jeane Reveendran, Brandon Garegnani, Lynnsey Ooten

Cast: Brandon Garegnani, Jeane Reveendran

Director bio:  Lynnsey is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and the National Theatre Institute. She has spent the last decade acting, directing and collaborating with a multitude of artists through the US. Her passion for storytelling reached new heights in 2015 when she co-created the Oppressed in Heels Project, a three part performance series that explored iconic women from classical theatre. One of the title pieces, The Trojan Women, was developed with the “A Letter for You Project,” a non-profit based in DC that offers encourage and support to survivors of trauma. In 2018 she directed a new play titled ESCAPE for the New York City International Fringe Festival.

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