SWIPE is a seven-part drama series about the influence and unforeseen consequences of smartphones on the lives of several twenty-somethings, told from the perspective of their phones. In the first episode, #eyewitness, Karim accidentally captures a horrible accident with his phone camera and then starts to suspect there was foul play involved...  Six more episodes follow different characters and storylines.  All characters in SWIPE collide and interconnect in subtle ways throughout the episodes, creating an encompassing story about today's twenty-somethings and the impactful role smartphones play in their lives.  


SWIPE is a followup of award-winning short film #tagged (a.o. Rose d'Or 2018, Webby Award 2018, Grand Prize New Media Film Festival 2018), in which a teen finds her social media posts getting out of hand and out of her control. This time, we focus on twenty-somethings, as a first adult generation completely absorbed by smartphones and social media, covering a variety of life's and love's themes in this modern-day collage. Again, shot with an actual smartphone attached to the camera, using actual apps and interactions, SWIPE literally shows our fixated connection to our devices and asks the question: are we in control, or do our devices control us?

Country of origin: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Director: Martijn Winkler
Writer: Martijn Winkler
Producer: Mandy Lim
Cast:  Roy Kaneza, Mitch Wolterink, Marloes IJpelaar, Pim van Hövell, Valéry van Gorp, Anouk van Egmond

Director bio: Martijn Winkler (1978) is a writer, director and digital creative from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specializes in fiction with a tragicomic edge and an innovative visual style, working on various films, teleplays and TV-series that have garnered international acclaim. His work has been selected at film festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Portland Film Festival and Cannes.  

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OR HOW THE ARISTOCRATIC LUISE CURED HYSTERIA BY SCREAMING UNTIL HER CORSET BURST FROM THE WAIST INTO PATRIAS GOB The end of the nineteenth century in the German Empire. Luise von Kummerveldt (Milena Straube) and her father (Michael Goldberg), a baron, live together with a housekeeper and their butler at a moated castle in the Münsterland region. Since Luise’s passion is literature she’s determined to go down in history as a famous writer. Luise’s father dies just as she is about to send her manuscript to a publisher, effectively making her younger brother, Veit (Marcel Becker-Neu), her guardian. In order to demonstrate his power over his maverick sister, he tries to force her into marrying bovine Count von Mogge (Manuel Talarico) and giving up writing. Instead, these measures drive Luise to throw herself out a window into the moat of the castle. The young and attractive physician Dr. Büchner (Wolf Danny Homann), who instantly falls for the young woman, is called upon to treat Luise’s wounds caused by the plunge. Meanwhile the quarrel between Luise and Veit escalates - catastrophe inevitably occurs.

Country of origin: Germany

Language: German
Director: Mark Lorei
Writers: Cecilia Röski
Producer: Lotte Ruf

Camera: Henning Wirtz

Sound: Florian Högerle

Production Design: Céline Ahlbrecht

Costume: Emily Schumann

Gaffer: Luca Reppenhorst
Cast:  Milena Straube, Marcel Becker-Neu, Wolf Danny Homann, Leonie Rainer, Fabian Nolte, Justine Hauer, Michael Goldberg

Director bio: Mark Lorei was born in 1986 in Münsterland and studied history at the University of Münster with a focus on visual history.  In 2008 he founded the film collective "fettepolarelipide filme," ​​in which he made over 20 short and experimental films by 2015.  From 2015 to 2017 he completed a traineeship at the State Media Center for Westphalia. Mark Lorei works as a filmmaker, writer and historian.

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With a dark, whimsical twist, we retell the story of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. In this live-action modern version, San Francisco stands in as Neverland and we introduce Peter before his conflict with Hooke and take you on a wild ride around the gritty city of Neverland. You will meet the Lost Boys, Peter's Street Gang, and many of your favorite Neverland characters, including a totally reimagined Tinker Bell. She still has wings and an attitude but is way more fabulous.

Country of Origin: United States

Director: Ronald Lee Allman

Writer: Ronald Lee Allman

Producer: Claire Fontana

Cast: Wynton Odds

Director bio:  Ronnie Allman is an award winning Independent Filmmaker based in San Francisco. 8 years ago he moved to SF and realized he was living in a modern day Neverland. The "Street Kids" on Haight Ashbury reminded him of the Lost Boys and people flying around on motorcycles gave him hope that Peter lived here somewhere. Fast forward 7 years and Ronnie has an exciting film that will bring that vision to life. In 2013 Ron Howard picked Ronnie’s film “Filter” to win Grand Prize for his Project Imagination Contest. The film was featured on The Sundance Channel and IFC. Ronnie also directs video content for brands including Adobe, Frito-Lay, Starbucks and HP.

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