After the sudden death of a pessimistic father, his three unhinged children are left an inheritance far beyond their expected means, as they begin to uncover the secrecy of their fathers double life.

Country of origin: United States

Director: Ryan Sarno
Writers: Patrick Shay, Patrick Daly, Ryan Sarno
Producers: Patrick Shay, Patrick Daly, Ryan Sarno, Wamiq Jawaid
Cast:  Stefanie Bloom, Gabriella Piazza, Tracy McMullan, Blake Rice, Lisa King, James Andrew Fraser, Tom Staggs, Candy Dato, Sergio Acevedo, Patrick Daly, Christopher D'Amato, Kayland Jordan, Patrick Shay

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Lo, a brilliant investigative reporter, and woman-in-her-thirties ends her relationship in an attempt to refocus on and revitalize her career. But this proves to be impossible because her ex-boyfriend is Ultimate Man, America's favorite superhero.

Country of origin: United States
Director: Meri Haitkin
Writers: Tom Ciaccio
Producer: Tom Ciaccio , Rebecca Bregman
Cast:  Eboni Booth , Evan Williams , Darian Dauchan

Director bio: Meri Haitkin's third parent was the television set. Since moving to New York in the late '90s, she's managed to turn what homework-fiending teachers called "a waste of time," into a Gladwellian 10,000 hours of expertise in character-driven storytelling that's earned her an Emmy nomination. Like her channel-flipping former self, she's jumped genres a million times because she loves too many things, directing and producing on competition shows like Top Chef and Project Runway, and quirky reality comedies like The Salt-n-Pepa Show, Human Resources, and Blind Date and documentaries like 30 Days, James Cameron's The Story of Science Fiction and the one she was surely born to make on the film Airplane!.

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Alina, a directionless, millennial post office worker is forced to face inevitable life lessons when the spirit of her recently deceased ex-boyfriend starts communicating with her via Face-Time.

Country of Origin: United States

Director: Danny Simonzad

Writers: Ani Tatintsyan, Danny Simonzad

Producers: Danny Simonzad, Ani Tatintsyan

Cast: Ani Tatintsyan, Michael Yapujian, Taylor Jorgensen, Hayes Beyersdorfer, Natalie Makenna, Nancy Lantis, Andy Kenareki

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When the Willy Wonka of microwavable foods suddenly vanishes, the misfit board of directors tries to make sense of the factory's magical inner workings while fending off a corporate takeover. In the pilot episode, the gang makes a last ditch effort to find Pumpy Dumperton, their Willy Wonka, before the new corporate CEO, Bob Bastard, takes control of the company.

Country of Origin: United States

Director: Tom McDonald
Writer: Tom McDonald
Producer: Tom McDonald
Cast:  Tom McDonald, Ana Lucia Seguin Nunez, Matt Decaro, Mary Kate Doherty, Matt Strickland, Colby Smith

Director bio:  Tom McDonald is a writer and animator whose last short screened at the New York Television Festival 2018 and was written up on outlets like Vulture (Splitsider).